The medical community is made up of a number of different specialties that each require the expertise of highly trained individuals to provide the best care possible to people that are in need of attention. Among the doctors and nurses that treat cancer patients are radiology consultants. Calgary medical centers that specialize in cancer detection and treatment refer their patients to a radiologist to determine the spread of disease and how they can best go about curing an illness. Over the past 30 years tremendous advancements have been made in the world of medicine and where a cancer diagnosis once left an individual with little hope of survival there are now many different people that have been treated and cured of life threatening illnesses that were once deemed incurable.

Through x-rays and CAT scans doctors are able to determine how far a cancer has spread or to what extent a person’s vital organs have been affected by the disease. Using nuclear imaging equipment to view the internal organs and see which areas of the body have been affected by a cancerous growth radiology departments share their findings with the surgeons and oncologists that can go to work to stop the spread of cancer and may even be able to work toward a cure.

Although not every cancer has a cure there are plenty of people that are alive today because of the screenings and diagnostic testing they have undergone by meeting with a radiologist. Calgary residents that have been exposed to the gamma radiation emitted by a nuclear camera have no ill effects of the scans that penetrate their body. But because of early detection and treatment the use of mammogram machine has made the difference in preserving life. Colon, prostate and breast cancer can all be detected in their early stages with annual screenings. Visiting with radiology consultants Calgary men and women who are concerned about their health as they age can gain the peace of mind that comes knowing they are doing all they can to prevent the onset of a life threatening disease.

After the age of 40 men should have a prostate exam each year and women of the same age are encouraged to have a mammogram every year. With early detection the onset of cancer can be treated, but if left unnoticed cancer has the ability to take life prematurely. Although the medical industry continues to make advancements in the treatment and cure of certain types of cancer, early detection still provides the best hope to anyone that is faced with a family history of cancer and who may be concerned about their health.

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