Lice are very small parasites that feed off a small amount of blood on the human scalp. They also infect all people, old and young. It doesn’t signify that a person is unclean if they have head parasite. In fact, these parasites prefer clean hair because they can stick to it better. There are several tips about lice removal in Bay Area that you can follow.

These parasites can travel through shared things such as hairbrushes, towels, and clothing from one person to another. An infected person will have severe itching of the scalp because of the saliva remained into it as the insect feed. Parasite infestation is easily recognizable when you check the scalp and see either the insect or its eggs called nits. Usually the infestation is more obvious on the hair behind the ears or at nape of the neck. The pale nits are trapped on the shaft and you can’t brush them off; they have to be pulled off one by one, or combed out with a fine-tooth comb.

The easiest method to kill the said parasite is to try a nonprescription shampoo intended to eliminate head parasites. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully on the shampoo bottle. Look for the active components in the shampoo to be either permethrin or pyrethrin.

After shampooing, use a comb to remove the insects and their nits. Put on clean clothing, and rinse your worn towels and clothing. Everyone in the house needs to be treated as if they have these insects as well, in order to avoid re-infecting one another.

Wash your combs and brushes in very hot water. Wash all towels, bedding, and clothing used in the last two days in hot water. Put stuffs in the dryer on high temperature until parched. Any objects that cannot be placed into the washing machine should be separated and put in a sealed bag for three days.

Vacuum the chairs and couch that you have used lately. You do not need to waste a lot of time cleaning and vacuuming your home because the said insects can’t survive off the hair scalp and shaft for longer than two days. Lice can’t jump, thus you don’t need to vacuum anything that is not touching the couch or bed where your head rests.

Immerse your hair in olive oil all night. The olive oil may choke the insects and their eggs, and they will slide off your hair shaft the next day, as you execute the following procedures. Before cleaning your hair in the morning, rinse it first with vinegar and let it stay for five minutes. Then wash and shampoo your hair. Comb the hair with a special comb made to eradicate nits. Olive oil produces a wonderful hair conditioner and your hair will become softer as well.

Check the hair every two days for nits. You can treat or re-shampoo the hair if necessary. All nits should be disappeared by two weeks. If they are not, you may need to go to the doctor in order to get the right diagnosis. You can read those articles that provide helpful information about lice removal in Bay Area.

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