The term ADHD seems to be coming up more and more frequently these days. But what is it? And what do you do if you or a family member is diagnosed with it? Here are a few facts about this disorder that can help you feel more informed and confident if your child is diagnosed.

First, ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a disorder that is becoming more and more common in children and adolescents. This disorder affects children in different ways, but some common symptoms can include trouble paying attention, concentrating, following directions, and getting easily bored or frustrated with assignments or tasks. Symptoms can also include being impulsive, restless, disorganized, hyperactive, or impatient. As the name of the disorder indicates, most of the symptoms concern having attention deficit issues and hyperactivity problems. As you could predict, these symptoms can interfere greatly with schoolwork, chores, and other important factors in a child’s life.

If your child is displaying these types of symptoms and they are interfering with their everyday life, you may want to consider having them see a specialist. A psychiatrist can do a full assessment to see if they may indeed suffer from this disorder. During this assessment the psychiatrist will gather information about their behavior, development, schoolwork, grades, medical history, and more. All of this information will help in the doctor making an accurate diagnosis. If you think your child suffers from ADHD in Orlando, there are many great specialists that can diagnose and help you through this process.

As a parent, having a child diagnosed with ADHD can seem foreign and scary. But the good news is that there is treatment available to help them. Your child doesn’t always have to suffer in school and struggling getting through each day. Even though this disorder doesn’t have a cure, you can help eliminate different symptoms through different treatment methods. Methods usually include medications and counseling. Medications can be used to help control hyperactivity and impulsivity problems. It can also help increase their attention span.  Never give medications to your children without a proper diagnosis and prescription. Psychotherapy also helps decrease symptomatic problems. Therapy helps through behavior modification, social skills training, and more. There are counseling centers for ADHD in Orlando and all over to help your child succeed.

ADHD doesn’t have to be scary. If you have the information necessary, you and your child can face this disorder and work through it with confidence.

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