Exercise and proper nutrition are often the two most important considerations when a person is looking at their health. Making certain to keep fit and trim however does not necessarily guaranty that are person will not be sick. In the case of one thirty-something mother who was running 8 minute miles three times a week the small valve that regulates blood flow through the left ventricle to the aorta in her heart malfunctioned and instead of sending blood in one direction allowed a backup of blood to congest the chamber. Suffering from chest pains and shortness of breath after physical exertion the women made an appointment with her doctor and learned about the condition that only appears to be an issue when the pulse rate is increased. Discovering that she would need surgery to repair the damaged valve the individual set out to find a medical team that could help her to make the fastest recovery.

Hearing of a technique that has pioneered minimally invasive mitral valve repair this woman made her way to New York where skilled cardiovascular surgeons preformed an operation that allowed her to be out of the hospital in a very short time. Within three weeks of the operation this individual was cleared to begin exercising on a regular basis and has been able to do all of the normal activities that she enjoys. As most heart surgeries require the breast bone to be broken and the patient to take up to 6 months to make a full recovery from having their sternum cracked open, the achievement of the New York cardiovascular team is something of a miracle.

With the intent to reduce the time that it takes to help patients recuperate from heart surgery, the doctors discovered that they could be successful in repairing different areas of the heart without breaking bones to reach the delicate organ. Through two small incisions that are made alongside the breast bone instead of doing through it these medical professionals have perfected minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery. With a record of performing more than 5,000 similar operations successfully, people from all around the globe are traveling to New York to be treated for their heart condition that corrects the flow of blood and the proper function of the small mitral valve.

For patients that are generally in good health and those that could use more exercise and less calories, the temptation to undergo a surgical procedure that requires only a few weeks instead of months of recovery time is something that has gained a global audience. Being able to walk out of the hospital after a short time without the need of bones to mend has revolutionized heart surgery and continues to be a topic of great interest to the medical community as well as younger healthy individuals that have been diagnosed with a mitral valve malfunction.

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