Hearing loss can take time to be noticed. As a person ages their ability to hear can change. Aggravated by loud noises included turning up the volume on music or being around heavy machinery diminished hearing is something that can affect anyone at any time during their life. In fact the number one claim made for workers compensation is lost hearing by workers that are constantly exposed to the sounds of heavy equipment in industrial settings. Unless the ability to hear is lost suddenly it is often unnoticeable and can take years before an individual becomes aware that they are missing out on conversations or straining to listen to the television. For this reason it is important to have you ears tested every few years to determine if there is any loss and what can be done to correct any impairment.

By wearing “invisible” hearing aids Michigan residents that have discovered an inconsistency in their ability to hear are learning that do not have to wear a large and cumbersome device outside their ear in order to have their sense of hearing restored. Modern technology has been able to miniaturize the devices that can rest comfortably inside the ear canal and amplify the sounds that are not being picked up by the ear drum. Because a person may experience a partial hearing loss and find that certain tones and frequencies are difficult to identify they may not know that they can benefit from meeting with an audiologist.

The test is administered as an individual wears a set of headphones and is asked to respond to each tone or note that is played through stereo and mono frequencies that separate the acuteness or sensitivity to sound in each ear. By pressing a button to indicate that each tone is heard a person being tested can learn whether or not they will need to augment their senses with a small listening device. Nowadays many audiologists are able to custom fit the small instruments into the outer part of the ear canal so that the person using the device shows no outward signs that they have an inability to hear.

For infants, teens and adults that are in need of hearing aids Michigan audiologists are able to screen a person that is able to respond to testing and deliver the small electronic devices that can completely restore the ability to hear every sound around the individual. With the focus of the tones and frequencies being amplified so that they resonate with the ear drum people of all ages can regain their lost sense of hearing and participate more fully in the conversations and activities that they once missed out on.

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