Hydrolyzed collagen is produced through hydrolysis, which is a process that disconnects the molecule bonds between the particular collagen strands with heat, alkali, or acid solutions. The substance is made from type one collagen and it is also called gelatin. Studies have proven that the substance is good for the health of the skin and bones and it can be a good nutrient. The compound has a very popular usage in cosmetics, too.

Through the process of making gelatin, the proteins are reduced to small peptides that are around one hundred times smaller. Gelatin is produced from a substance found in the skin, connective tissue and bones of various animals, such as pigs, horses, cattle, or fish. The substance contains twenty amino-acids, from which hydroxyproline, proline and glycine are found as half of the total percentage. The content of proteins goes up to ninety seven percent.

According to studies, the substance is digested and absorbed after six hours since ingestion. While a big part is absorbed in the skin and cartilages, others are going in blood peptides. According to studies, the compound can have chemotactic and growth effects on fibroblasts. If the substance is ingested along with vitamin C, or glucosamine, a dosage of six grams per day can improve the elasticity and smoothness of the dry skin for women.

A dosage of ten grams per day has proven to diminish joint pain. Even if the studies were not complete, in most cases, there were positive effects and no side effects, with some exceptions involving nausea. The bone density can be increased if a ten grams dosage is taken daily, for a period of four to twenty four weeks. The reason for the increase is the stimulation of cells that build the bones, instead of the ones that destroy them.

As a nutrition component, collagen can be a good protein and could be used in diets, along with other ingredients. Those who need sportive diets can also consider gelatin as a very useful ingredient. After exercising, athletes can have the opportunity to restore their proteins. Containing arginine and glycine, which are also components of creatine, gelatin can increase athlete performance.

Gelatin can have another important usage, in cosmetics. The skin can be firmed and moisturized with various creams and masks. Not only that they help the skin, but the products that are meant for the skin can have a good texture because of using gelatin. There are more complex formulas that are used in the treatment of ageing signs, like wrinkles.

Some experts say that gelatin can help people build muscle mass, treat symptoms of arthritis, or lose weight. Weight loss would be achieved through the burning of fat, instead of proteins, or carbohydrates. Other advantages can be the following: joint rebuilding, skin thickening and toning, arterial strengthening, organ rebuilding and increased energy.

Hydrolyzed collagen is a substance that has proven to be advantageous in many domains. Gelatin can be a good nutrient, could be helpful for the health, it can increase athlete performance and it is already used in various cosmetic products.

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