Fertility problems can be devastating for couples who want very much to be parents. Many such couples try for many years and spend many thousands of dollars for fertility treatments and procedures without success. Adoption isn’t always an option even for those couples who are willing to forego having their own biological children. The couple may not meet adoption agency criteria for some reason. Gay couples are still prohibited from adopting children in some states. For these couples, there is one remaining choice if they want to be parents and that is surrogacy.

In a surrogacy arrangement, a woman who agrees to gestate the fetus for a couple is impregnated through one of three methods. The embryo may be one that is fertilized in vitro with the couple’s ovum and sperm and then implanted into the womb of the surrogate. It may be an embryo that results from the fertilized ovum of a donor and the sperm of the father. The third option is artificial insemination of the surrogate’s ovum by the father’s sperm. By any method of fertilization and biological material, the surrogate agrees to release the infant upon birth to the couple who have contracted her services.

Clearly, there are many issues arising with the issue of surrogacy, both emotional and legal. This is why it is wise for couples to employ the services of a surrogate agency when they choose this option for becoming parents. Because of the complexity of the process, the agency does much more than put potential surrogates and couples together and then step out of the picture. A reputable agency has considerable experience with this pioneering field to prepare couples and surrogates, support them throughout the process, and provide counseling before, during, and after the birth of the child.

Psychological profiling is an important part of the process to ensure that all parties are fully informed and have the appropriate expectations. Surrogates may be in an especially delicate position with the distinct possibility of forming a deep attachment to the child she carries for the duration. This is why there are typically requirements for surrogates to already be mothers so they have a full understanding of what the pregnancy will entail and will have the capacity to fully empathize with the parents. Thorough screening of parents and surrogates will help to prevent the exploitation of both to help ensure a happy outcome.

A couple that is considering surrogacy is taking a great risk with a do-it-yourself approach. Contact a surrogate agency and have a team of professionals to significantly increase the odds for a positive and successful experience in becoming proud parents.

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