The acai berry is a natural fruit originating from the Amazon forests in Brazil.  Within the past few years, acai has become one of the most popular and desired health fruits that are in America.  After being imported in from the Brazilian forests, Americans have taken an instant liking to the acai berry and its health benefits.

This miracle berry comes from the low-lit swap areas in the Amazon.  These berries grow on a tall, large tree called Euterpe oleracea, however it is more popularly known as the acai palm tree.  The acai berries hang from the many branches of the tree and hang down like cluttered bushes.  Acai berries are small, round fruit of a deep purple color, sometimes looking almost black.  Although people in America primarily use the fruit in smoothies and health food items, the natives in Brazil often times eat the fruit right off the tree or make it into a wine or liqueur, as well as use it as flavor, herbal diet pills, and coloring.

This berry has many health benefits.  Acai has one of the highest antioxidant of any other fruit.  It completely outshines blueberries and oranges.  It can also prevent heart disease.  The berries contain a very large amount of essential fatty acids and anthocyanins.  These two ingredients together can help to maintain the health of your heart.  The berry also contains an abundance of phytosterols, which help to improve your cardiovascular system.

If you are looking for a new way to get your daily fiber intake, then look no further than the delicious acai berry.  The fiber in the acai berry helps your digestive tract so that you can easily digest your food and prevent buildup in your digestion system.  The fiber that is included in the berry can also help you with weight loss.  In the form of herbal diet pills, the fiber in the berry helps you process your food more efficiently, but is also makes you feel full more quickly.  By feeling full, you are guaranteed to lose weight because you won’t eat as much.

This berry also helps with sleeping problems.  The berry has a naturally large amount of vitamin B which helps to regulate the hormones and chemicals in your brain while relaxing and regenerating your muscles.  When your brain is no longer stressed, you can more easily fall asleep and stay asleep. The acai berry has many more benefits than even just those.  If you are looking for a delicious and healthy new fruit to add to your diet, then acai is just the thing you have been looking for.

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