College is one of the most exciting parts of life.  You get to move away from home and your family and start your own life in a brand new place with brand new people.  What this also means is that you get to start decorating your own place, even if it is just a dorm room.  If you are living in a dorm room, then you have probably already realized that they are pretty bare and don’t have much to offer.  That is where dorm room accessories come in.  You can start decorating your dorm room so that it feels more like home and less like a square box with a bed inside of it.

First of all, you have probably realized that there is not much storage space inside your dorm room.  That means that your shoes and other things that usually take up a large part of your room are going to have to be condensed down to a smaller area.  Over-the-door shoe holders are some of the most useful dorm room accessories that you can get.  They allow you to put all of your shoes into small pouches and then hand that thing over your dorm.  That will give you more floor space and make your dorm feel a little less crowded.

Another important dorm room accessory is a good computer chair.  You are going to be doing a lot of studying and homework while you are in college, so try to find a computer chair that will make you feel comfortable and at ease to spend a lot of hours sitting in.

Finding good college dorm bedding can be somewhat of a tricky task.  Figure that you are going to be living inside of a small box for the next nine months.  Laundry is not easily done nor will you actually want to do your laundry because you’ll be spending all of your free time studying.  At any rate, that means that you need to find durable bedding that is going to last you a long time and won’t need to be cleaned every five minutes.  If you have an allergy to different types of bedding, discuss these issues with your Austin allergist and your dorm roommate

Also, you may want to consider getting two sets of all of your bedding.  Your bedding is going to get dirty at some point, so you will need to make sure that you can change it out every once in a while so that you don’t smell super bad when you are heading to class in the morning.   Speak with your Austin allergist about alternative bedding materials in order to keep you healthy throughout your college dorm experience.

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