When children begin their educational careers, they find that there are certain subjects that certain students excel in and certain subjects that they do not do as well in.  This is very typical of the average student, so there is no need for people to get upset with their child if he or she is struggling in a certain area.  One of the biggest areas where students tend to struggle in is the area of math.  Math tends to make many students frustrated and causes a lot of problems when the teacher is trying to explain concepts.  There are ways for teachers and parents to help out their child is he or she is struggling in math.

Math intervention is a great way to help your student or child with his or her math problems.  If you realize that your student or child is struggling in the math area, begin by assessing the ways in which that student could possibly learn in a different way.  There are many different methods for different students that teachers can take in order to make sure that that student feels like he or she is getting the best experience he or she can.

Assess whether a hands on learning approach would work better.  Offer the student your time and energy to show that you are willing to truly learn and teach that student.  Students often times excel when they feel like their teacher actually cares that he or she is actually learning something.  Figure out which method would work best for your student.

Make sure that the child doesn’t have a learning disability of some sort.  Some children struggle in certain areas because they have a learning disability or they have eyesight problems. Get your child tested for eyesight issues right away, and try a dry eye treatment to help with irritable eyes caused by contacts or glasses.  A learning disability can also be caught early on by seeing the school’s counselor for testing.  Testing and a dry eye treatment can do wonders to the abilities of a student who is struggling in school.

Mini books can also help children learn better.  There are major retailers out there who offer mini book subscriptions and there are also smaller companies that offer them as well.  Teachers pay a set amount of money every year and receive full access to the mini book access.  These mini books can include a wide variety of things, although most are very similar.  Most include pages that can be printed off and then given out to students as forms of an assignment.  If the mini book series is for younger ages, the mini book will probably include a lot of pictures and coloring opportunities so that the children can learn in a more visual manner.  Mini books are great tools for teachers who want their students to excel.

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