Is Grandma getting forgetful? Does Dad have a lot of falls? At some point, most seniors living past 80 will need a little help to maintain their household, their health, and even themselves. However, moving them into an assisted living center can be traumatic, isolating, expensive, and depressing. Extended family care and hired home care is often the kindest and most economical choice. You can find a Montgomery County MD home care company that will come over for just a few hours a week, if that’s all that is needed.

If you will soon be caring for an elderly relative, or have recently started helping out, there are several things you can do to make the transition go more smoothly.

1- If this is a sudden change (such as if your loved one has had surgery, a recent medical diagnosis, or has had an accident or fall), then check into home health care services right away. Often medical insurance will cover home health care in these situations. If your loved one hasn’t needed much help before, it might be easier for him or her to adjust to having professionals helping out at first than family members, particularly if your loved is an independent type of person. After your loved one is more accustomed to having people help out, it can be easier to transition to having family members take care of some things.

2- If you aren’t sure how much help your loved one needs, start out by helping (or hiring help) for basic tasks (like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and doing laundry). At some point, they may need help with shopping, errands, or they may request that someone accompany them to the doctor. Watch for signs that personal grooming is becoming too difficult, and be willing to step in there if needed (or hire an experienced Bethesda MD home care caregiver).

3- Be sensitive to your loved one’s pride. While many would jump at the opportunity to have someone else wait on them hand and foot, it becomes something entirely different when you have no other choice. The lack of power to do some basic personal projects or even habits of hygiene can be entirely humiliating and frustrating to the person receiving care. Elderly relatives do not always show appreciation or thankfulness to their caregivers, which can partly be due to their injured pride (and other times it’s just forgetfulness). Whatever the case, it is often easier on your loved ones if they have a nurse or home care assistant first give them a bath than if they have a child or grandchild do it for them.

4- Have your loved one help you create a routine for personal grooming and other daily activities. If they like to brush their teeth before they get into the bathtub, stick to that routine. If they like a simple bowl of oatmeal and coffee at 8 a.m., don’t push sausage and eggs and decaf on them. Having a routine and sticking to it will improve the quality of your loved one’s care and show respect. It will also prevent overly demanding relatives from dominating your life. If it isn’t in the routine, then they need to ask for it, not just expect it.

5- Maintain sensitivity and maturity throughout the experience. If you’re helping with personal care and grooming, this isn’t a time to joke (unless they open the door for that), nor is it a time to be too firm and impatient. Especially during those first few times your dependant receives assistance, there may be some embarrassment on their part.

6- Ask for help when you need it. If you are the primary caregiver, you need to be aware that the risk of caregiver burnout is extremely high when caring for elderly. Whether it’s one day off a week, or every morning until noon, schedule some time that you have off. You can enlist the help of other relatives to give you time off, or hire Rockville, MD home care assistants. A home health care assistant can consult with you and work with you to share the burden of the experience. Receiving the right help can allow you to use your energy to serve your loved one in areas that are meaningful and can strengthen your relationship.

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