My husband likes to mountain bike; but not the leisurely, cross-country, enjoy the scenery type of mountain biking.  No, he only enjoys the scream down the mountain at 60 miles per hour while jumping over rocks, roots, and boulders type of mountain biking.  If it’s not downhill, fast, and treacherous, he’s not interested.  In order to get his mountain biking fix, he likes to travel to different ski resorts in the summer to try out their mountain biking trails. 

First, he’ll take the lift up to the top of the mountain and then he’ll find the steepest, scariest, and most challenging trail.  At that point, he’ll hop on his bike, strap on his helmet, adjust his goggles, and then pummel down the mountainside at breakneck speeds. He loves every second of it.  Though it is very dangerous, he always makes sure to wear full protective gear including a full-face downhill helmet, goggles, gloves, full leg and shin pads, and elbow pads.  He’s had a few spills but no major accidents thus far.

One summer we decided to try out a famous ski resort in a neighboring state that was known for its killer downhill mountain biking runs.  I’m not much of a mountain biker so I opted to wait it out down at the lodge while he biked.  He asked me to film him coming down the most dangerous run.  I waited patiently, camera in hand.  But when he emerged from the trees, he wasn’t riding at fast.  In fact, he was walking his bike and was covered in dirt from head to toe.  He had crashed.  His wrist was pretty sore but he claimed it was just fine.  I tried to convince him to see a doctor; he wouldn’t.

But several days later the wrist continued to give him pain and he was worried it was broken.  Finally I convinced him to visit a radiology department to get an x-ray.  Thanks to this convenient technology, the technician was able to determine that his wrist was not broken.  He just needed to give it plenty of rest while icing it, compressing it, and keeping it elevated.

Many people, like my husband, have the “if you ignore it, it will go away” mindset when it comes to medical problems.  But thanks to wonderful technology like x-rays and MRIs, you can get answers in minutes.  Residents of Canada looking needing an x-ray in Calgary or MRI in Calgary should visit the skilled folks at EFW Radiology.

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