The majority of people rely on some form of prescription eyewear to help them see clearly. For many people contact lenses deliver the 20/20 vision that they need to see properly, but there are some individuals that prefer to wear glasses. Ottawa residents that are coping with myopia or presbyopia can visit and optometrist that can provide them with the corrective lenses that allows them to regain their eyesight.

Affecting individuals at different points in life medical conditions of the eye can determine how strong a prescription needs to be to correct a person’s vision. For a number of people the lack of clarity in their eyes requires their prescription to be issued for nearsightedness.  Seeing things that are close to them and experiencing blurring when looking into the distance the prescription for a myopic evaluation provides a person needing glasses with the chance to have their eyes checked by local optometrists in Ottawa.

Trained as a specialist who can examine the eyes and look for disease or other medical conditions that affect an individual’s ability to see clearly an optometrist is able to provide the care that a person needs when discovering that their world could look sharper. After noticing that they are squinting to watch television or are having trouble reading road signs at a distance, it is appropriate to make an appointment for an eye exam. Ottawa residents that are experiencing difficulty seeing things that are far away as they are moving into their 20′s are most likely to be diagnosed with myopia or nearsightedness. Conversely, individuals that have trouble reading a book and focusing their vision at arm’s length or closer may be experiencing presbyopia or farsightedness. Being able to see very clearly into the distance the presbyopic person will also need a prescription to restore their up close vision.

The difference in correcting the near or farsighted individual requires a complete eye exam from a licensed optometrist. Ottawa residents that may not have needed glasses or contact lenses in their youth may find that as they are aging their eyes undergo a change. This is typical for everyone and is nothing to be worried about.  Entering their 20′s, 40′s, and 60′s the majority of people experience a change in their visual acuity that will require prescription lenses to correct their failing eyesight. However, knowing that there is a normal change that occurs can help people to prepare for their adjusting vision. With an eye exam scheduled every two years, people of all ages can stay on top of the alterations that affect their eyesight and be fully aware of the subtle changes to their vision. Checking for any damage or disease the eye doctor is able to recommend either contact lenses or glasses to each patient that is looking to restore their vision and see the world around them more clearly.

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