When experiencing foot or heel pain, it is quite beneficial to look into a podiatrist that is able to get to the core of your issue.  Rather than settling for the first doctor you stumble upon, take the time to … Continue reading

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When you or your loved one struggles with breast cancer or has had a mastectomy, there can arise feelings of humiliation and a lack of confidence as a woman.  The curves which previously made you feel attractive may no longer … Continue reading

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My husband likes to mountain bike; but not the leisurely, cross-country, enjoy the scenery type of mountain biking.  No, he only enjoys the scream down the mountain at 60 miles per hour while jumping over rocks, roots, and boulders type … Continue reading

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With the obesity rates in America going up at an alarming high, it is important for more people to start talking about the way that Americans eat.  There is a common trend for bad eating habits that has caused this … Continue reading

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